Crack the Secret Word! is an online-game for everyone who likes to play games with words such wordle. The goal is to guess a word such with 5 letters. You can try to find the word with upto 6 tries.

How to play?

You can change the length of the word between 4 and 6 letters. By default it is a word with 5 letters. Gameboard will randomly choose a word with e.g. 5 letters. You can make a guess and enter a word. Gameboard will then check if you have entered the correct word. It's as simple as that. ☺

Tips & Hints

If you entered the correct word, you won the game.

If not, gameboard checks if any letter you have entered is in the right position.

・ If the letter is in the right position, the corresponding letter is displayed in green.

・ If the letter is in a different position, the corresponding letter is displayed in orange.

・ If the letter does not exists in the chosen word at all, the corresponding letter is displayed in gray.

The more you play, the better you become finding the words. Over time you develop your own strategies to find the solution as quickly as possible.

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Game Over

The game ends if you entered the correct word within 6 tries otherwise you have lost the game, if so, gameboard will show the solution.


You can play the game in 3 languages: English, German and in Turkish. With thousands of possible words in each language you will never get bored. ☺


You can play the game on any device which supports the W3C Standards

・ On any operating system such Windows, macOS, iOS, Android and Linux

・ On any device type such Desktop, Smartphone, Tablet and on Smart-TV.

Just run an internet browser with latest updates and crack the secret word at

License is free.

・ You can play the game as much as you like. Please share the URL with your loved ones.

・ Do not copy entire or parts of this website. Please reach out to me if you have quesstions.


Please reach out to me for any improvements, ideas or concerns. 👍

Number of letter::
4 5 6